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Yachting in Vietnam.

Updated: May 21, 2019

With a coast extension of about 3.500 km, Vietnam bases a good part of its economy on the the sea. Nowadays from north to south more than 20 major commercial ports are active, managing huge volumes of goods coming in and going out from this very dynamic country. The shipbuilding industry is growing very fast becoming  one of the main thrust to the whole national economy and in many coastal province fishing is still the main economic activity. Also the maritime tourism has grown fast during the last years in terms of  quality and quantity of  accommodation, services and attractions available in the several touristic areas on the Vietnamese coast. More and  more tourist every year chose Vietnam as touristic destination not only for the historical heritage places but also for the beautiful landscape and amazing beaches they can find here.

Despite this fast developing of the maritime economy and tourism, in Vietnam the yachting industry is still sluggish. Unlike other regional countries, as Malaysia and Thailand, where maritime tourist and yachting industry development seems progressing together, in Vietnam is really very rare find a yacht. This seems to be a kind of paradox of this fast growing country where for sure are not missing rich people able (and willing) to buy the ultimate luxury toy like a motor-yacht or a pleasure sail boat!

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