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Nothing can replace the value of having on site representation in Taiwan, China or Hong Kong during the construction or refit of your yacht. A person who is there in short order to review any problems that may arise during the construction, saving you time money and frustration and ensuring the best possible end result.

Experience has proven that the best way to work with the yard is to be available when needed and as often as needed. Some shipyards have restrictions on yards visits, but in most cases this does not present a problem and Pan Asian Yacht Services will work with the yards, builders and owners.

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Steve Forest was so impressed with the warmth of the Taiwanese people and the wonderful opportunity that yacht building in Taiwan offers after a year of working in the area, that he decided to leave a successful career as captain and help other dealers brokers and owners build their dream yacht in Asia.

Shipyards in Taiwan have a long and proud history of building yachts of all sizes and shapes, but they do not have a strong background in the operation or maintenance of yachts. This can lead to a host of problems that can be very easy to correct during construction. Addressing these issues during the construction phase can save you time and money throughout the life of your yacht.

Often times during the construction the yard and/or the owner need to make small changes, these changes can be costly and confusing as dealers brokers and owners try to work through the issues with the shipyard via phone, fax and email. Pan Asian Yacht Services will review and keep track of all change orders, and verify that they have been completed.

Supervision of the project during construction can be one of the most important aspects of any project. Even on production boats the specification can change from boat to boat and there are endless areas where the project can get off track, from small change orders to changes in sub contractors, and the design of onboard systems that are provided to the shipyard.

Pan Asian Yacht Services can assist you in finding a builder, dealer, and shipyard in Taiwan or China that meets your needs and the needs of your project, budget and time frame.

We can meet at your location anywhere in the world to do a final review with your broker/dealer and design team; ensuring that Pan Asian Yacht Services is aware of all your expectations and can stay ahead of any problems.

Pan Asian Yacht Services can:

  • Provide a constant review of all onboard systems and their installation to insure that they meet with the approved drawings, and that any changes that are needed are in the best interest of your project and the long term safety and maintenance of your vessel.
  • Affirm that all production point is meet on time and that all items meet with the terms of the contract before making payments.
  • Perform a full sea trial and final examination of all systems before you make final payment for your boat. This can be a problematic area as the shipyard puts on a full court press to make the shipping date.

Often times projects can get off track as a result of small changes and decisions that need to be made during the construction process, in most cases these can be resolved with the project engineer in short order saving everyone time and effort.

Even for dealers these services can offer a huge savings and speed up the delivery when the boat arrives at its final destination, as well as help to ensure a happy owner.

Pan Asian Yacht Services is proud to provide services to dealers and shipyards to keep track of problems that keep repeating themselves during the delivery process.

There is no cost for travel in south Taiwan and the cost for trips to north Taiwan are minimal compared to the vast cost of sending someone from another part of the world.

The quote for your surveys is a fixed and guaranteed cost. Should additional time be required the fee remains the same, only additional expenses such as accommodations and transportation are charged. There is never a charge for travel time, regardless of the destination; your location or the shipyard, not even the 29 hour trip to the US. All you pay is travel expenses.

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January 13, 2006
Mr. Steve Forrest, Pres.
Pan Asian Marine Services, Inc.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Re: 108 Hargrave Motor yacht "FREEDOM"
Dear Steve,
My wife Lynn and I both wanted you to know we are enjoying our new Hargrave, and how much we appreciate all that you did to help make our project a success.
Looking back over the entire process of designing, building, and delivering the boat, you have been there every step of the way to help guide us on every decision, and the results speak for themselves - a happy owner and a happy builder.
I think that your experience as a captain was especially beneficial in planning out the project from the beginning and helping us think through how we were actually going to use the boat. Key questions about which equipment to use, what size equipment we would work best, and even the fundamental question of whether we even needed an expensive option were all properly answered with your guidance.
From the very beginning, your supervision of the project was thorough and consistent, and your eye for detail helped to ensure that everyone stayed on track, and that the final product matched the discussions we had with the designer and the builder.
Lastly, your willingness to come to Florida to oversee the commissioning on helped to confirm that we made the right decision to include you in our dream project.
Your understanding and appreciation for how things really work in Asia reduced my concerns about building that far away, and I think any client considering your services will be more than satisfied with the end result. Please feel free to have any client who is considering your services contact me for a reference or more details on my experience working with you on our new FREEDOM.
Best regards,
Richard Levy
Chairman/ CEO
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